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Reiki is a non invasive therapy where clients remain fully clothed, it is suitable for any age and has no risk of side effects (for example, it can be given throughout pregnancy and childbirth to benefit both mum and babe).

You can now access Reiki treatments online (absent healing) in the comfort of your own home. This enables you to receive this amazing healing energy from anywhere in the world. What makes Reiki even more amazing is that as well as a stand-alone modality of healing, it can be combined with EFT to truly create a tailor-made healing session, just for you!

Benefits of this treatment?
The energy of Reiki supports the body, calms the mind and soothes the spirit. No two treatments are alike and everyone’s experience is different. Beyond all doubt, this is a treatment that is beyond description. It needs to be experienced to respect and believe in it's potential and is truly a gift for the soul!
Benefits include:
Boosts immune system, eases stress and anxiety, balances sleep patterns, soothes physical and emotional pain.